You guys should be proud of me.
I moved in to my dream school, the Culinary Institute of America, and have been eating healthy meals all week. I skip their desserts every day! Eating healthy as a college student is tough, but I just went for groceries and bought plenty of protein-packed snacks, along with plenty of fruit! And i’m not sitting on my butt every day like I used to, basically. I can go swimming and it won’t hurt my back, too!
I’m so happy with my life at the moment.

Nice 8 mile bike ride in the countryside today 😌

Yummy breakfast this fine Sunday morning. Strawberries, banana, trail mix, and a whole wheat thin with peanut butter.

Turkey, egg, cheese, and spinach on a whole wheat bagel thin for a late lunch.

Good workout today! 💊
Now for a smoothie…

Peanut butter bagel thin, with some of my favorite fruits. 😊


My favorite breakfast. So yummy! 🍌🍓

For brunch this morning!â€ĻA homemade very berry smoothie (extra orange juice), a peanut butter and banana English muffin, and some scrambled eggs.

Very berry smoothie from The Maine Squeeze after a long day of walking around Portland and touring the Maine College of Art with my brother.